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"Каритивные конструкции в языках мира"


Plenary talk: Matti Miestamo (University of Helsinki, Helsinki)

Caritives in standard negation (pdf)

Peter Arkadiev (Institute of Slavic Studies RAS / RSUH, Moscow)

Caritive in Abaza: a hybrid category (pdf)

Vlada Baranova (NRU HSE / ILS RAS, Saint Petersburg), Maksim Fedotov (ILS RAS / NRU HSE, Saint Petersburg)

Caritive marker -r and other means of expressing absence in Chuvash (pdf)

Katalin É. Kiss (Research Institute for Linguistics, Budapest)

Non-participation versus non-existence: two abessive postpositions in Hungarian (pptx)

Maksim Fedotov (ILS RAS / NRU HSE, Saint Petersburg)

Without ‘without’: expressing caritive semantics in a language without a specialized caritive marker (the case of Gban) (pdf)

Dmitry Gerasimov (ILS RAS, Saint Petersburg)

Caritive constructions in Paraguayan Guaraní (pdf)

Ekaterina Gruzdeva (University of Helsinki, Helsinki)

Possessive negation and expression of caritive semantics in Nivkh (pptx)

Juha Janhunen (University of Helsinki, Helsinki)

On privative verbs in Mongolic and beyond (pptx)

Marin Kežić (University of Zagreb, Zagreb)

Investigating the syntax-semantics interface: Croatian Caritive Copular Constructions with the ambulative verb proći (pdf)

Sergei Klimenko (ILS RAS, Saint Petersburg)

Caritive constructions in Tagalog (pptx)

Elena Kolpachkova (SPSU, Saint Petersburg)

Caritive marker 无 wú in modern Chinese [talk in Russian, handout/slides in English] (pdf)

Kirill Kozhanov (Institute of Slavic Studies RAS, Moscow), Natalia Perkova (Stockholm University, Stockholm / Uppsala University, Uppsala)

Caritive markers in the parallel Bible corpus (pdf)

Valeria Lelik (NRU HSE, Moscow)

Abessive in Kildin Saami [talk in Russian, handout/slides in English] (pptx)

Timur Maisak (Institute of Linguistics RAS / NRU HSE, Moscow)

Affixal, phrasal and clausal caritives in Nakh-Daghestanian (pdf)

Ora Matushansky (CNRS, Paris)

Missing types (pdf)

Daria Mishchenko (ILS RAS / MAE RAS (Kunstkamera), Saint Petersburg)

Expression of caritive semantics in Looma (pdf)

Mehmet Muslimov (ILS RAS, Saint Petersburg)

Morphological and syntactic features of the caritive constructions in Ingrian Finnish [talk in Russian, handout in English] (pdf)

Sofia Oskolskaya (ILS RAS, Saint Petersburg)

Typological study of caritives: an overview and methodology of research (pdf)

Elena Perekhvalskaya (ILS RAS, Saint Petersburg)

Caritive constructions in Udihe: morphology (doc)

Sofia Rachinskaya (NRU HSE, Moscow) 

Caritive constructions in Kazym Khanty (pdf)

Elena Rudnitskaya (Institute of Oriental Studies RAS, Moscow)

The negative existential construction with а̄чин / āčin in the caritive function in Evenki: internal syntactic structure (pdf)

Anne Tamm (Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Budapest)

Uralic abessives and caritives (pptx)

Igor Vinogradov (RSUH, Moscow)

Caritive constructions in the languages of Mesoamerica (pdf)

Alena Witzlack-Makarevich (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem), Eloisa Ruppert (KU Leuven), Saudah Namyalo (Makerere University, Kampala)

Expressions of caritive in Ruuli (pdf)

Elizaveta Zabelina (ILS RAS, Saint Petersburg)

Caritive constructions in Malayalam (pdf)

Natalia M. Zaika (ILS RAS / SPSU, Saint Petersburg)

Caritive markers in Basque (pdf, pptx)

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